30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 8

A movie that makes me sad.

In all honesty, most films make me sad at some point. Usually things get bad (which makes me sad) before they get better in the majority of films. But for this one I’m going to say Blue Valentine.

This film centers on Dean and Cindy, a  young married couple, and their relationship over the span of years by cross-cutting through different time periods. Despite their young age, they are both exhausted with their lives due to the circumstances that led them into their marriage. Dean, a somewhat unambitious high-school drop out, never saw himself getting married, even after meeting Cindy, who he fell madly in love with. Cindy comes from a dysfunctional family, however she believes she has the potential to do something great with her life, like become a doctor. She meets Dean after a failed relationship, and as they fall in love she realises she is pregnant with her ex’s child. Dean offers to raise the child asks her to marry him, which she accepts. We see their relationship at the start: they were both scared, but in love and happy at the fact that they were in it together, and at the end: when Cindy reveals that she wants a divorce as she has fallen out of love with Dean and can’t pretend anymore.

This film ends on a weird note, as the audience doesn’t really know what the future holds for the couple. I like to think that they find their way back to one another after some time apart. I think when Dean walks away on Cindy’s request at the end, he was walking away to save their marriage, as Cindy said she needed space. Frankie’s reaction was heartbreaking though, and I can imagine the character Dean was heartbroken at the thought of being away from this girl he raised, despite not being her biological father.

I love the acting in this film, Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams work so well together. I love their younger scenes, their love seems so real and it scares them, but they decide to see it through. I like that the film ended the way it did, as it gives the audience the chance to make their own ending in their heads. As I’m a hopeless romantic, I want to think everything turned out okay once they both had some time apart.

i would strongly recommend this film to any Ryan Gosling or Michelle Williams fans, but not to someone who’s looking for a romantic film with a happily ever after.

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